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Welcome to CrysTanium® Gongs

Greetings and welcome to Crystanium® Gongs

It is with great joy that I offer you our artisan Crystanium® Gongs.
These unique sound sculptures are the fruit of a 40 year deep dive immersion into the sacred art form of creating sound therapy instruments, spanning from folk harps to contemporary wind harps, titanium temple bells and now finally Crystanium® Gongs. 

Our vision has been consistently inspired by the direct experience of the power of harmonic sound to support spiritual transcendence.

What this means is that the sounds generated by these ultra resonant wind harps, singing bowls, gongs or bells that are tuned to vibrate with long sustain harmonic tones provide a powerful and living soundscapes that can energize, re-tune and re-vibratize our entire energy field.

Our Crystanium® Gongs are all fabricated from 99% pure titanium which has ultra resonant acoustic properties as well as a very high bio-compatibility with our human body.

Titanium is a space age metal that is not only being used to transport us to the stars but also has a vibrational quality that supports our conscious awakening as a 21st Century Spiritual Being.

Check out our gongs and find your vibration.