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Crystanium Sound Healing Gongs



Our vision has been consistently inspired by the direct experience that the Power of Harmonic Sound supports Spiritual Transcendence. - Ross Barrable, Founder

Gongs have been embedded into the spiritual traditions of many world religions for millennia. The vibrations they produce are our oldest means of sound healing therapy, ranking it among the top sound vibration activities in the world meant to reduce stress, still the conscious mind, and focus and ascend our sensory currents. 

While the majority of the world's sound healing gongs are built from bronze and its many alloys, we’ve created a unique process using pure titanium. The relationship between titanium and the human body is a synergistic and harmonious one. Similarly, titanium is the medical field’s primary metal of choice to reconstruct the human body.

Titanium is a Space Age metal that is not only being used to transport us to the stars, but also has a vibrational quality that supports our conscious awakening as 21st century spiritual beings. The engaging vibrations of the CrysTanium® Gong help to collect and refocus our scattered attention while at the same time expanding our awareness. Think of the CrysTanium® Gong as a resonant healer and rejuvenator for a busy mind in a busy world.

CrysTanium® Gongs is located in the small mountain town of Pagosa Springs, Colorado. The company is the fruit of four decades of inspired devotion to the art of sound sculpture design and fabrication by acoustic sculptor Ross Barrable. The art that graces each gong is created with love by Karina Silver, an artist in Pagosa Springs.

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CrysTanium® is a registered Trademark.