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Titanium Gong FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions around titanium gongs. If you don't find your answer here, please send us a note via the Contact page.

∙ Anyone can play a gong, all it takes is a sincere desire to explore and truly listen to the different sounds created as you strike the various areas of the gong. Each gong has its own unique voice that is set free to vibrate in direct response to the intention and focus of the player.

For information regarding accessories email: crystaniumgongs@gmail.com

Wipe with a clean soft cloth and Windex.

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∙ Shipping within the U.S. is UPS Ground.
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∙ All gongs are formed out of 99% pure Titanium.
∙ Titanium has a resonate affinity and bio-compatibility with the human body as witnessed in its widespread use for reconstructive and implant surgery.
CrysTanium® has an exceptionally long harmonic sustain due to its high strength to weight ratio.
CrysTanium® Gongs sing out a clear and discernible fundamental tone along with a colorful tapestry of full spectrum harmonics.
∙ CrysTanium® Gongs are alchemically treated to optimize the clarity and purity of sound quality.
∙ Each going is individually signed and numbered.

∙ All colored artwork applied on the gongs is done using an electrolytic anodizing process.

∙ These colors are U.V. stable and will not fade.

∙ When in stock the gongs are shipped with 72hrs.
∙ If back ordered allow for 6-8 weeks for delivery.

∙ 1 - Gong Bag.