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Experiencing a Gong Bath

September 22, 2020

Experiencing a Gong Bath

A gong bath is, in essence, a form of meditation. While transcendental meditation is the practice of using silence as a technique, a gong bath enshrouds you in the warm harmonic tones of the gong. It is meant to help you clear your mind and relax. Consider it music therapy. 

What’s so cool about the gong is the complex harmonics that are transferred directly to anyone within close proximity. Perhaps there’s a slight misconception that you bang a gong and receive the same sound back each time. On the contrary, the transformational powers wrought by a gong are derived from the warm energy and complexity of its vibrations. Whether you need a revitalization of your mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual energies, or would like to destress and relax beneath the harmonic overtones of a gong, consider participating in a gong bath near you. 

What is a Gong Bath?

In short, it’s a literal bath (without the tub or water) of healing harmonics produced by either a single gong or a group of gongs. Oftentimes, the bath is led by a guru or spiritual leader who has been trained in the application of gongs and singing bowls in the pursuit of a unique sound experience. 

A gong bath is a form of sound healing meditation that has untold benefits and is easy to participate in.

A gong bath is a form of sound healing meditation that has untold benefits and is easy to participate in.

He or she may begin the bath with a yoga session or guided meditation to help loosen up the body and start to quiet the mind. Or, as is the case at our local studio in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, a harp, played by our founder, Ross Barrable. Then you lay back on a rug, blanket, or yoga mat in the shavasana (also known as corpse pose, where you lay flat on your back) position where you’re literally bathed in the music of the gong.   

Gong Bath Benefits

A gong bath is a way of relaxing and rebalancing like you won’t find in many facets of life. In today’s technologically driven world, we are so busy, chased by unwavering noise produced by the digital landscape from the time we wake up until we put down our phones at night and hope for sleep. 

It also benefits the weary mind. It’s a wonderful form of music therapy that works to revitalize you emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and even physically. A healthy mind translates into a healthy body and vice versa. Even if you consider yourself completely sound of mind, body, and spirit, a gong bath can lead you down a path of sparked creativity or discovery into some aspect of your life you’ve overlooked. That’s why it’s literally for everyone.

How to Participate

Gong baths are accessible and typically don’t require more than you showing up. They are often conducted in a studio and are becoming more readily available in urban areas. You may Google “gong baths near me” to see what shows up in your area. 

They usually last about one hour though they could certainly be shorter or longer. While it’s not required, you may take a yoga mat or blanket, a small pillow, and even an eye pillow with you. This way you can make yourself completely comfortable. During the final 10 to 15 minutes, your leader will gently bring you out of your meditative state before concluding the bath.

Good Vibrations

Now, you may be wondering how a bath heals you and why exactly it has these supposed mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional benefits. Vibrations are, in large part, the reasons for these positive qualities. Vibrations are a constant - they happen everywhere from the core of the earth all the way out to the farthest stars. Your body vibrates; it’s doing so right now, and the vibrations you emit are much molded into your DNA. Scientists even developed what is called vibration therapy to help decrease the resting heart rate and blood pressure as well as improve cardiac function. 

A gong bath benefits the busy mind and scattered attentions caused by today's technologically driven world.

Baths benefit the busy mind and scattered attentions caused by today's technologically driven world.

Historically, the vibrations of the bronze gong are meant to create harmony within the body. Today, with the advent of titanium gongs, you can now attain restoration within the body and mind. And it’s the vibrations produced by the gongs that create sound healing effects in the forms of reduced stress, physical rejuvenation, spiritual transcendence, and the removal of emotional blockage. 

Who Benefits

The simple answer: everyone. It’s the rare person who is not in some way affected by the goings-on of this thing called life. Of course, there are those with deeper issues. People who suffer through post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), high levels of anxiety, depression, and chronic physical pain can experience unbelievable improvements to the mind and body through gong baths and sound healing. Rediscovering elevated levels of relaxation, creativity, memory, and overall clarity are just a few of the positive results. As some will tell you, giving yourself up to the music of a gong is the first step in the pursuit of silence.

Performing Your Own Gong Bath Meditation

If you’re new to meditation and gong baths, we’d recommend seeking out someone who can guide you through the first few sessions. Once you’ve become familiar with the process as well as the benefits you want to receive, then perhaps you could consider performing your own gong bath meditation. 

You can start small with one gong in your living room. You may also consider bringing in friends or family who can share in the experience and begin to learn how to conduct the bath. That way you’re also a recipient on occasion. Even sitting solo in front of your gong on your living room or office floor for five minutes everyday can help refocus your attention. 

Your gong bath experience is totally unique versus what others may feel during and after. The gong is a sound healing instrument that speaks to each of us differently on a very personal level. If you’re ready to discover your sense of being and see what they are all about, check out your local sound healing or yoga studios. Even if they don’t perform baths, someone there will likely point you in the right direction. 

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