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Solar Logos Vector Equilibrium Gong 26"


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The 26" Solar Logos Vector Equilibrium (VE) titanium gong delivers low fundamental, clear high octaves,and a full spectrum sound. The Vector Equilibrium (VE) geometry is the starting place or point of perfect equilibrium and balance that births all phenomena. One could call it a still point with infinite possibility.

      These beautiful vibrant colors and designs are individually created through the anodizing process. These colors are UV stable. Allow for slight variations in color as each gong is individually created.

      Each CrysTanium gong is built to bring you into the present moment with the magnetic power of harmonic sound. While listening to the sounds created by the gong your attention is effortlessly focused as you immerse yourself into the enchanting harmonies. Anyone can play the gong and explore its harmonic soundscape. Playing your gong is like having a lover whispering sweetly in your ear as you explore the captivating harmonies. 

      Back Orders: Please allow 3-5 weeks for back orders as each artisan gong is crafted by hand.  

      Included with Purchase: Gong bag

      All gongs are formed out of 99% pure titanium. Made by hand in Colorado, USA.