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Cosmic Dance -26"


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The 26-inch Cosmic Dance Sound Healing Gong allows you to effortlessly focus as you immerse yourself into the enchanting harmonies. Experience clear, and pure tones leading to graceful melodies . The beginning of the recording is played with a mallet and the 2nd half  is played with a Bear Love Flumie - ( Friction Mallet)

These beautiful vibrant colors and designs are individually created through the anodizing process. These colors are UV stable. Allow for slight variations in color as each gong is individually created.

Each CrysTanium gong is designed and tuned to support an expanded awareness that You are a Spiritual Being and this present moment contains all that truly exists in eternity.

Anyone can play the gong and explore the transcendent  power of it's harmonic soundscape. 

Back Orders: Please allow 3-5 weeks for back orders as each artisan gong is crafted by hand.  

Included with Purchase: Gong bag

All gongs are formed out of 99.5% pure titanium. Made in Colorado, USA.

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